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Pizza Oven Wood Pellets - Food Grade ENplusA1 Compliant Pellets - Approx. 7.5KG

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Portable Pizza Oven Wood Pellets - Premium ENplusA1 Compliant Pellets - Approx. 7.5KG.

  • ✅  PERFECT FOR PORTABLE PIZZA OVENS - These natural food grade wood pellets are easy to light, clean burning and generate heat quickly.
  • ✅  6MM SIZED PELLETS - The size of the pellets provide the perfect balance of being easy to light but large enough that they generate the right level of heat energy.
  • ✅  100% GROWN AND PRODUCED IN THE UK FROM RESPONSIBLE FORESTRY - Made from 100% virgin wood and packed in a re-purposed cardboard box to help reduce waste.
  • ✅  COMPLIES WITH ENplusA1 - Premium grade pellets that meet industry standards.